Welcome to Finance First, LLC.

Have you ever wondered why:

• Not a single University offers a Degree in “Financial Common Sense”?

• Money is (almost) always easier lost than made but very few know why?

• Despite the recent “Information Boom” coupled with the recent Financial Meltdown, very few can hold your hand and help you on a one-on-one, personalized basis?

The surprisingly simple answer to all of the above is: “Information is not Knowledge”

The phrase “Information is not Knowledge” is not just a catchy jingle, but a mantra with which we will help you tackle all of your Small Business, Tax, Investment, and Personal Finance related problems. Anything that bothers you as a small business, an individual, or a family, chances are that we can help you make a critical choice and give you directions and decision support for a healthy financial future.

Above all, we DO NOT SELL investment products, insurance, securities, programs, seminars or financial mumbo jumbo with twisted acronyms to impress you. We have no conflict of interest, commission-sharing, or any hidden agenda. WE WILL HELP YOU MAKE TOUGH CHOICES.

Even in this internet age of highly impersonalized and mass-marketed financial services, our professionals will provide personalized, prompt, and accurate services. Please take a tour of our site and find out what we can do for you. Call or e-mail us for an initial consultation for no cost or obligation.



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